Vaccine Research and Development

You need to work quickly and efficiently. The equipment and supplies you use in your vaccine workflow must be reliable and provide optimum output to get to the results you desire. To support your critical work, we have compiled a comprehensive range of products to help you from research to fill/finish, along with storage and transport. Included in this offering are global market-leading equipment, instruments, supplies and consumables from Traceable®, PCRmax®, Kinesis®, and TELOS®.

Vaccine Preparation Solutions - from start to finish


Vaccine research development workflow

Vaccine development starts in the laboratory identifying one or more antigens against a specific pathogen – either a virus or bacteria.

1. Antigens are the components of a pathogen that can elicit an immune response. Attenuated pathogens, weakened to have their virulence disabled, or specific subunits of microorganisms can be safely purposed in vaccine development.
2. Genetic material is extracted from the pathogens in the form of DNA or RNA. RNA is converted to cDNA through a process called Reverse Transcription.
3. qPCR can be used in virus quantification to determine the virus concentration in both the R&D and production stages.
4-5. Amplified DNA from the pathogen is engineered into a plasmid vector and inserted into living cells.
6. Transformed cells are propagated using cell culture techniques that generate multiple copies of the plasmid.
7. Purified plasmids are then extracted from host cells and growth media using filters and other separation techniques.


vaccine production & manufacturing workflow

Guidelines for vaccine storage and handling have evolved over the years. When you need data loggers (DDLs) for vaccine storage to meet CDC recommendations, look to Cole-Parmer and Traceable® product ranges.

8. Stabilisers, adjuvants and preservatives are added to vaccine formulations to enhance vaccine quality, efficacy and to prevent unwanted bacterial and fungal growth.
9. Various techniques are used in vaccine QC to test for the physicochemical and immunological properties.
10. Our peristaltic pumping technology in combination with single-use disposable sensors can be utilised during production.
11. Cloud connected devices can help monitor temperatures during shipment and whilst being stored in a warehouse facility.
12. Freezer thermometers can be used to monitor temperatures out in the field.

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