Selection Guide

Incubators provide a controlled, protective setting for cell, tissue cultures and others samples that require a contamination-free contained environment. We have a wide variety of lab incubators from general purpose and refrigerated to BOD and shaking. Many are equipped with see-through doors to view the entire chamber without opening the door and affecting temperature stability. If you have limited space or would like an incubator for personal use, then we have a selection of incubators for you! Our compact incubators are ideal for areas where bench space is limited or small-volume applications are the norm.



Create the Optimal Environment for Culturing and Incubation

Keep control and stay in a contamination-free environment for various applications, including cell culture. Our extensive selection of lab incubators offers a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.

Controlled and Protective Environment

Protect valuable cultures and maintain sample integrity. Trust in our incubators for sensitive samples that require precise culturing and incubation conditions.

Versatile Incubator Options

Choose the incubator type that best suits your specific application requirements and desired features. Explore our diverse range of lab incubators, including general-purpose, refrigerated, CO2, BOD, hybridization, and shaking models.

Clear Doors for Enhanced Visibility

Minimize disturbances caused by frequent door openings. Benefit from lab incubators equipped with see-through doors, allowing you to view the entire chamber without compromising temperature stability.

Compact and Space-Saving Designs

Maximize your available space without compromising performance, ensuring efficient and reliable incubation. Discover our selection of compact incubators ideal for limited bench space or small-volume applications.