Press Releases

Cole-Parmer Introduces New North Sciences/Traceable® Self-Monitoring ULT Freezers

Vernon Hills, IL, June 20, 2023— The new North Sciences/Traceable® TSi and TEC2 Series Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers provide total sample security and peace of mind 24/7. These self-monitoring freezers feature a built-in Traceable data logger compatible with TraceableLIVE cloud-based monitoring services. TraceableLIVE provides audible and visual alerts for any out-of-range conditions via Apple Watch®, smartphone, tablet, or PC. It’s also easy to connect to all data using the TraceableLIVE app. These ULT freezers are ideal for use in healthcare, vaccine monitoring and are Vaccines for Children (VFC) compliant, critical material storage, or anywhere valuable samples need to be stored safely. Read More

Cole-Parmer Launches a New Cryo-Blade™ Cryogenic Grinder

The new Cole-Parmer CG-900 Cryo-Blade™ Cryogenic Grinder is an ultra-high-capacity cryogenic grinder for comminution and processing capability up to 1 kg. High-throughput capability saves valuable time for the laboratory and meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. The Cryo-Blade automates dispensing of liquid nitrogen in 15 minutes or less, eliminating lengthy processes and the need to handle and manipulate liquid nitrogen. It is ideal for analysis of organic pollutants in food products (pesticide residues) and QuEChERS. Read More

Cole-Parmer® Focuses on Clarity and Comfort for New Microscope Portfolio

Vernon Hills, IL, January 24, 2023—The new Cole-Parmer compound and stereozoom microscopes offer everything for guaranteed performance including advanced optics, high-quality materials and components, and ergonomics to meet today’s standards. All provide excellent clarity and resolution, are rugged and sturdy, and comfort while minimizing fatigue. A variety of general and specialty models are available for uses in education, life sciences, veterinary, metallurgy, and biomedical laboratories. The new portfolio includes a variety of options: Read More

Traceable® Top-Selling Products are Reimagined for Today’s Clinical Lab

Traceable’s research and development team conducted customer focus groups and industry conversations to learn how clinics, labs, academic institutions, logistics companies, and other organizations use Traceable products. The Traceable engineering team used this information to update four of Traceable’s top-selling products to be even more user-friendly, more economical, and higher performing than ever. Read More

ZeptoMetrix® Launches NATtrol™ Monkeypox Virus External Run Control

Buffalo, NY, September 29, 2022 — ZeptoMetrix®, an Antylia Scientific™ company, launches NATtrol™ Monkeypox Virus External Run Control: NATMPXV-ERC. This third-party molecular quality control can be used by laboratories to evaluate and monitor the continued performance of their monkeypox virus PCR assays. Read More