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Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic pumps, also known as tubing pumps, are a type of positive displacement pump. A tubing pump can pump a variety of fluids and is a critical and reliable part of processes ranging from chemical transfer to pharmaceutical processing to wastewater treatment.

The peristaltic pump features a unique design — a drive system turns a set of rollers which compress and release flexible tubing as they rotate. This squeezing action creates a vacuum that draws fluid through the tubing. The flexible tubing is the only wetted part offering multiple advantages.

Why Choose a Peristaltic Pump?
• Fluid contacts only the flexible tubing; creating a contamination-free pump system that is easy to clean and maintain.
• Peristaltic pumps are self-priming and non-siphoning, and handle peristaltic and high viscosities.
• Gentle, low-shear pumping action makes a tubing pump ideal for handling live cells, large proteins, suspensions, and other shear-sensitive fluids.

You can rely on Cole-Parmer as your expert for peristaltic pumps. For over 60 years, we have been providing peristaltic pump systems and technical product support to our customers. Our signature product lines, Masterflex® and Ismatec®, are leaders in cutting-edge peristaltic pump technology.

Our tubing pumps offer flow rates as low as 0.00001 mL/min to 42 LPM and are able to generate pressures up to 10 bar (150 psi). We carry over 20 tubing formulations to ensure compatibility with an extensive variety of fluids. From low cost fixed speed pumps to advanced controlled models suitable for critical metering and dispensing applications, we can provide you with a tubing pump solution.

Choose your Masterflex peristaltic pump by series

Ismatec high accuracy microflow peristaltic pumps
Ismatec® Series
Microflow, high accuracy
Flow Range:
0.0001 to 365 mL/min
Masterflex L/S precise flow peristaltic pump
L/s® Series
High accuracy, precise flow
Flow Range:
0.0006 to 3400 mL/min
Masterflex I/P powerfil peristaltic pump
i/p® Series
Powerful systems
Flow Range:
0.001 to 26 LPM
Masterflex B/T highest flow rates peristaltic pumps
b/t® Series
Highest flow rates
Flow Range:
0.3 to 42 LPM

Choose your pump by flow rate

When selecting a peristaltic pump, choose a system that offers a flow rate that's 50-75% of your systems peak capabilities to get a longer tube life as well as more flexibility.

Low Flow Rate Pumps

Low Flow Rate

0.002 to 43 mL/min


Medium Flow Rate Pumps

Medium Flow Rate

0.0006 to 3400 mL/min


High Flow Rate Pumps

High Flow Rate

0.001 to 42 LPM