Thermo Scientific Barnstead Replacement Deionization Cartridges

Keep systems operating precisely
  • Ideal for high purity with lower capacity
  • Use for most analytical lab testing
These high capacity cartridge remove ionized impurities to produce high resistivity water with a neutral pH.

Model 01505-24 is ideal for high capacity, lower purity applications and compatible with the B-Pure, E-Pure, all Nanopure, and Bantam Barnstead systems.

Model 01506-26 and 01505-29 are suitable for high purity, lower capacity usage. The model 01506-26 cartridge is compatible with the B-Pure, Nanopure II, old Nanopure, and Bantam systems, while model 01505-29 is compatible with E-Pure and quad-style Nanopure.
39,800.00 - ₹42,900.00INR / Each

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Description Capacity (grains) Compatible with
Availability Pricing
Thermo Scientific Barnstead D0803 Deionization Cartridges, high capacity WW-01505-24 Mfr # D0803
Deionization Cartridges, high capacity 1700 as Calcium Carbonate All NANOpure™ E-pure™, B-pure™, Bantam systems
₹39,800.00INR / Each
Thermo Scientific Barnstead D0809 Deionization Cartridge, high purity, 875 grain WW-01505-26 Mfr # D0809
Deionization Cartridge, high purity, 875 grain 875 as Calcium Carbonate NANOpure™ II, old NANOpure™, B-pure™
₹41,500.00INR / Each
Thermo Scientific Barnstead D5027 Deionization Cartridge, high purity, 760 grain WW-01505-29 Mfr # D5027
Deionization Cartridge, high purity, 760 grain 760 as Sodium Chloride Quad-style NANOpure™, E-pure™
₹42,900.00INR / Each
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