Environmental Express® HotBlock Digestion Systems

EPA-approved systems that simplify and improve metals prep and digestions
  • Blocks are PTFE coated for chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Integrated block heater and controller design
  • Set high and low temperature alarm limits
  • Include polycarbonate transfer racks designed to set on the block
The HotBlock® Systems provide faster, cleaner, and more cost-effective metals digestions, and are accepted for EPA Methods. Block heaters have an integrated controller and mat/block design and come in configurations to work directly with the HotBlock digestion cups in 15-, 50-, or 100-mL sizes.
The heating blocks are made from graphite to provide excellent temperature uniformity to each well, and coated in PTFE for chemical and corrosion resistance, and to avoid sample contamination. HotBlock controllers maintain a set point to ±0.2°F (0.1°C) and sample uniformity to ±2.7°F (1.5°C).

Compatible racks are included with each HotBlock and are designed to make sample loading and unloading as easy as possible — racks have the same well design as their compatible HotBlock unit! Racks have a handle molded into each side and are made of clear polycarbonate. The digestion cups are then designed to be compatible with both the HotBlock unit and transfer racks.
468,000.00 - ₹905,000.00INR / Each

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Block Number Of Openings Block - Tube / Vial Size Accepted (mL) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
96 15 120
₹793,000.00INR / Each
96 15 240
₹905,000.00INR / Each
36 50 120
₹670,000.00INR / Each
36 50 240
₹468,000.00INR / Each
54 50 120
Call For Price
54 50 240
₹815,000.00INR / Each
25 100 120
Call For Price
25 100 240
₹739,000.00INR / Each
35 100 120
Call For Price
35 100 240
Call For Price
12 50 120
Call For Price
12 50 240
₹753,000.00INR / Each
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