Cole-Parmer® TELOS® Sample Processing Manifolds

Save time by processing multiple samples simultaneously
  • Glass tank allows a clear view of the extraction process
  • Control sample flow individually using the optional PTFE stopcocks
  • Separate waste container prevents tank contamination
Use vacuum manifolds for SPE sample preparation, filtration, and elution. Manifolds come complete with everything you need—tank, lid, needles, stopcocks, rack, vacuum gauge, waste collection container, and plates for accepting different size tubes. Easily control the flow rates by adjusting the vacuum supply to the manifold. Each port can be fitted with a stopcock for individual column control or isolation.

Use the waste container for SPE column processing prior to analyte or compound elution. Having a separate waste container helps keep the main tank clean, preventing potential contamination of the final sample and preventing direct contact with chemical or biohazard samples by the user.
105,000.00 - ₹128,000.00INR / Each

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