Product Overview of Kinesis TELOS Sample Processing Manifolds

Kinesis TELOS Sample Processing Manifolds
  • Two pump models: IPC and IPC-N.
  • For low-flow, multi-channel fluid transfer and dosing or filling applications.
  • Flow rates from 2 µl/min to 44 ml/min and 0.4 µl/min to 11 ml/min (per channel).
  • 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 pump channels.
  • Planetary drive with 8 actively driven rollers per channel.
  • Calibration functionality.
  • Closed loop control for load independent speed.
  • Easy load CA tubing cassettes.
  • Analog and RS232 communication.

Features and Benefits

12- and 24-position systems-

Kinesis Sample Processing Manifolds are available as 12 and 24 position systems. Unrequired ports can be isolated using port sealing plugs or stopcocks (both supplied).

Standard luer fittings–

Each of the 12 or 24 positions accept a standard Luer outlet, e.g. TELOS SPE Columns.

Individual flow control–

As well as controlling flow rates by adjusting the vacuum supply to the manifold, each port on the sample processing manifold can be fitted with a stopcock (supplied as standard). This allows individual column control or isolation. The stopcocks are made of inert materials which do not contaminate the samples. Separate waste container– Each vacuum manifold is supplied with a separate waste container for TELOS SPE Column processing prior to analyte or compound elution. The main tank remains clean all the time and preventing potential contamination of the final sample and any contact of the operator with chemical or biohazard samples, including blood or urine.

Versatile rack–

The 12- and 24-position systems are supplied with a versatile rack system, allowing the user to build either a 13 or 16 mm collection rack depending on collection vessel length and diameter (spare parts are also available).

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