Replacing Deuterium (D2) Lamps in Agilent HPLC Systems

How do I change the deuterium (D2) lamp on an Agilent 1100/1200 series HPLC system?

Kinesis Deuterium Lamp If the lamp on your Agilent 1100 or Agilent 1200 series HPLC system fails or if the baseline noise / drift exceeds your application limits, follow the instructions below to replace your Deuterium lamp.

Replacing your lamp:

  1. Switch off your system and allow to cool.
  2. Remove the front cover.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connection and twist the lamp to unscrew it from the DAD.
  4. Remove your new deuterium lamp from the packaging, taking care not to touch the glass, and twist it into place in the DAD.
  5. Tighten the screws and reconnect the lamp to the electrical connection.
  6. Replace the front cover.
  7. Reset the lamp counter and turn the lamp on - The new 'C' type detectors use chipped lamps which automatically count used lamp time.
  8. Allow the lamp to warm up for 10-20 minutes before use.

Ordering your replacement D2 lamp

Kinesis have been manufacturing deuterium (D2) lamps for over 10 years now and with sales of over 10,000 lamps per year, we are the largest 3rd party lamp manufacturer in the world. This means that Kinesis can offer the highest quality D2 lamps with large price saving benefits.

The benefits of Kinesis D2 lamps include:

  • Large Price Savings over branded spares with no reduction in quality
  • Bare lamps sourced from the same factories as used by the original instrument manufacturers
  • All guarantees and warranties match those offered by the OEM
  • ISO certified and industry verified manufacturing processes
  • Lamps individually QC tested at every processing step

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