Lab Setup: Design References

How to develop good laboratory layouts

Lab Setup

With lab setup, design layout of how your space will function is crucial for an optimized lab. These references listed provide a wealth of detailed information. Whether you are building a new laboratory space or updating an old one, these references will help with developing good laboratory layouts that are safe and are compliant with regulations.

Online References

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),

Use this website to find information on the ADA including relevant publications, federal resources, ADA design standards, technical assistance program, enforcements, code certification, business connections, status reports, new and proposed regulations, and the ADA program.

Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA),

This is a complete reference source for OSHA compliance including assistance, grants, cooperative programs, safety and health topics, statistics, US-EU cooperation, and service standards.

National Science Teacher's Association,

Information provided focuses on the teaching environment, from elementary to college classrooms. Paid membership enables access to journals and books. NSTA recommendations, the latest news, conventions, supplier's guide, and discussion boards.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI),

This is a paid membership website that offers documents on laboratory ventilation (Z9.5) for both rooms and fume hoods as well as information on American National Standards including procedures, guides and forms, accreditation requirements, appeals requirements, audit requirements, and governance committees. The site also provides information on IEC programs, regional programs, ISO programs, the standards boards, and panels.

National Science Education Leadership Association,

This official website of the NSELA provides national leadership in efforts to improve science education. The quarterly newsletter is posted along with operations manuals, by-laws, career postings, and publications.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),

Website dedicated to providing research information, public education, professional development as well as fire protection information, and flammable materials storage guidelines. This paid subscriber service offers many of the NFPA codes online.

Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA),

This official website for SEFA gives paying members guidelines on construction and performance of laboratory equipment and furniture. Links to member companies offering laboratory products and laboratory design are provided.

Printed References

American Chemical Society, Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories American Chemical Society

This guide is available from the American Chemical Society's Office of Society Services by calling 800-227-5558. (Note: Available free from ACS)

Laboratory Design Handbook by E. Crawley Cooper

The Laboratory Design Handbook describes the process, motivation, constraints, challenges, opportunities, and specific design data related to the creation of a modern research laboratory. The information presented is based on a large pool of experience in the development of new and renovated laboratory buildings for universities, teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, start-up biotechnology companies, and other types of industrial technology. CRC Press, ISBN 9780849389962 - CAT# 8996

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Management of Chemical Hazards

This publication has served for decades as the standard for chemical laboratory safety practice. Developed by experts from academia and industry, with specialties in such areas as chemical sciences, pollution prevention, and laboratory safety. It provides guidance on planning procedures for the handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals. Designed to promote safety and includes practical information on assessing hazards, managing chemicals, disposing of wastes. National Academies Press, ISBN 0309138647, 9780309138642

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