Traceable® Ultra-Low Temperature/Dry Ice Data Loggers

Achieve unparalleled precision in ultra-low temperature tracking with a convenient single use design or a reusable design with up to 1 million data points
  • Seamless setup with no need for PC software or drivers
  • Integrated PT1000 Sensor for precise dry ice temperature measurement
  • Effortless report generation automatically creates PDF reports with statistical summaries, diagrams, and detailed data
  • Tailor settings such as language options, sampling intervals, start delays, alarm parameters, units, and user credentials
  • Single use version to minimize the risk of cross-contamination or multi-use version for up to 1.5 years of data logging
These ultra-low temperature/dry ice data loggers features a built-in platinum RTD PT1000 temperature sensor, ideal for measuring very low temperatures in dry ice environments. It is suitable for lyophilization related applications. Upon completion of recording, temperature data can be automatically generated into secure PDF or CSV files, ensuring confidentiality, and preventing easy deletion. This capability caters to the stringent demands of the cold chain supply industry, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories. The device is favored across various sectors: in medical and biotechnology for monitoring sensitive substances, in food and agriculture for ensuring freshness and safety of refrigerated goods, and in industrial and chemical applications for optimizing production processes.
13,000.00 - ₹21,200.00INR / Each

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Max Temperature (° C) Min Temperature (° C) Description
Availability Pricing
70 -80 Single Use Ultra-Low Temperature/Dry Ice Data Logger
₹13,000.00INR / Each
70 -80 Multi Use Ultra-Low Temperature/Dry Ice Data Logger
₹21,200.00INR / Each
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