Standard Duty Piston Vacuum Pumps

Ideal for filtering, aspirating, degassing, and desiccating
  • Pumps do not require water or oil to operate–low maintenance
  • Water trap prevents liquid from being drawn into the pump
  • Muffler provides quiet operation
  • Effective for use in automated systems
  • Compact, lightweight, portable
Service kits include: Connecting rod assembly, two handle screws, four head screws, O-ring head and cylinder, valve plate assembly, plastic jar, filter element, ball, and gasket.
122,000.00 - ₹511,000.00INR / Each

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Free-Air Capacity (CFM) Max Vacuum (in Hg) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Welch 2522C-02 Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pumps, 19 L/min, 230 VAC WW-79204-05 Mfr # 2522C-02
0.67 26 230
₹122,000.00INR / Each
Welch 2534C-02 Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pumps, 28 L/min, 230 VAC WW-79204-15 Mfr # 2534C-02
0.99 27.2 230
₹199,000.00INR / Each
Welch 2546C-02 Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pumps, 38 L/min, 230 VAC WW-79204-25 Mfr # 2546C-02
1.34 27.6 230
₹128,000.00INR / Each
Welch 2561C-50 Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pumps, 50 L/min, 230 VAC WW-79204-35 Mfr # 2561C-50
1.8 29.8 230
₹511,000.00INR / Each
Welch 2585C-50 Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Piston Pumps, 201 L/min, 230 VAC WW-79204-75 Mfr # 2585C-50
5.9 27.6 230
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