Powerblanket® Fluxwrap Cooling Insulation Blankets

Chill any container or vessel without the use of a heat exchanger
  • All-around cooling for drums or tanks
  • Wrap conforms to drum or tote to maintain thermal contact over uneven surfaces
  • Insulated wrap provides excellent thermal control and reduces condensation
  • Temperature range: -10°F(-23.3°C) to 120°F(49°C) with water or 70°F(21°C) with glycol/water mix
  • Maximum pressure: 20 psi @ inlet
  • Flow rate: 4 GPM
  • Connection: 5/8" barb
Fluxwrap blankets allow chilling of drums, totes, or tanks with their multichannel fluid pathway. This gives better cooling ability to the entire surface area of the blanket and reduces pressure. The blanket is lightweight and comes with an elastic strap meant to increase thermal conductivity between the blanket and the vessel. Simply connect a North Slope Chiller fluid chiller to the Fluxwrap or use your own chilled water source. If you need to heat as well, simply alter the temperature of your fluid.

Cooling fluids accepted: water, propylene glycol/water mix (50/50 max concentration), ethylene glycol/water mix (50/50 max concentration).
84,100.00 - ₹653,000.00INR / Each

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Drum Size
Availability Pricing
Powerblanket FLUX05 Fluxwrap Cooling Insulating Blanket, 5 Gallon Bucket WW-42025-10 Mfr # FLUX05
5 gallons
₹84,100.00INR / Each
Powerblanket FLUX15 Fluxwrap Cooling Insulating Blanket, 15 Gallon Drum WW-42025-11 Mfr # FLUX15
15 gallons
₹127,000.00INR / Each
Powerblanket FLUX275 Fluxwrap Cooling Insulating Blanket, 275 Gallon Tote WW-42025-12 Mfr # FLUX275
275 gallons
₹653,000.00INR / Each
Powerblanket FLUX30 Fluxwrap Cooling Insulating Blanket, 30 Gallon Drum WW-42025-13 Mfr # FLUX30
30 gallons
₹155,000.00INR / Each
Powerblanket FLUX55 Fluxwrap Cooling Insulating Blanket, 55 Gallon Drum WW-42025-14 Mfr # FLUX55
55 gallons
₹255,000.00INR / Each
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