Cole-Parmer® RV-400 Series Rotary Evaporators

Motorized lift provides smooth, stable lifting and lowering of the bath
  • Set and view rotation speed, temperature, and timer on the large LCD
  • A unique PTFE sealing system offers excellent thermostability
  • PID temperature controller provides stable temperature control
  • High-efficiency drain port and injection valves
  • Small footprint takes up minimal lab space
These rotary evaporators with motorized lift system move the bath up or down smoothly with a simple push of a button. The control panel features up and down arrows to control the bath height, push-button controls to turn rotation and heat on or off, a knob to select parameter, and a large multiline display. The large LCD lets you view and set current rotation speed, temperature, and timer.

Rotary evaporators feature a unique PTFE sealing system that provides great thermostability and excellent chemical resistance. Direct injection capability for continuous feeding of solution and continuous drain capability without the need to release vacuum or stop the system make these evaporators efficient and simple to use. A stainless steel bath with PTFE coating withstands high temperatures and is easy to clean. Safety features include dry-run protection, overtemperature shutoff, circuit breaker, and power interruption alarm.
513,000.00 - ₹1,781,000.00INR / Each

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Evaporation Flask Size Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
50 L 220
₹1,781,000.00INR / Each
5 L 120
₹679,000.00INR / Each
5 L 220
₹513,000.00INR / Each
10 L 220
₹774,000.00INR / Each
20 L 220
₹1,010,000.00INR / Each
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