Cole-Parmer® RHC-400 Series Standard Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths

Maintain desired temperature due to PID algorithms that optimize heating and cooling
  • Heating and cooling from -20C or -30C to 135C
  • Force pump flow 13.5LPM (120V) and 11.9LPM (240V)
  • Cooling capacity 200W at 20C for 7L, 915W at 20C for 15L tank
With a stainless steel tank, reservoir cover and durable top, each bath features a waterproof control panel that swivels 180°. Able to be set and read to 0.1°C, with ±0.07°C temperature stability, the standard controller is a user-friendly and reliable choice for a variety of laboratory applications.

User-settable high-temperature safety provides over temperature and low-liquid level protection.

The top plate is chemical-resistant and stays cool at high temperatures, while advanced performance reduces energy consumption and lengthens compressor life. Fully enclosed housing prevents direct contact with pump and heater, yet provides quick access for inspection and cleaning.
983,000.00 - ₹1,382,000.00INR / Each

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Min Temperature (° C) Power (VAC) Reservoir Capacity (L)
Availability Pricing
-20 120 7
₹1,009,000.00INR / Each
-20 240 7
₹983,000.00INR / Each
-30 120 15
₹1,194,000.00INR / Each
-30 240 15
₹1,261,000.00INR / Each
-30 120 20
₹1,281,000.00INR / Each
-30 240 20
₹1,382,000.00INR / Each
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