Oakton PCD 650 Waterproof Multiparameter Meter and Probes

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Oakton Item # WW-35434-00
Expanded range, resolution, and accuracy, plus increased memory and advanced communications!
  • No more excuses for missing data! Out-of-date or unperformed calibrations are now things of the past!
  • Don’t waste time looking for those cables!
  • Use in dirty and wet environments
  • 3 year warranty


Specifications & Description

  • Meter TypePortable
  • Display typeLCD
  • Min pH (pH)-2
  • Max pH (pH)20
  • pH Resolution0.001/0.01/0.1
  • pH Accuracy±0.002 pH
  • Buffer RecognitionDIN, NIST, and USA
  • CalibrationUp to 6 points
  • Min mV (mV)-2000
  • Max mV (mV)2000
  • mV Resolution0.1 or 1 mV
  • mV Accuracy±0.2 mV or 0.05%, whichever is greater
  • Min ISE0.001 to 19999 ppm
  • Max ISE19,990
  • ISE Resolution0.001 ppm; 0.001 molar
  • ISE Accuracy0.5 FS (monovalent), 1% FS
  • Min Conductivity0.05 uS
  • Max Conductivity500 mS
  • Conductivity Resolution0.01 uS, 0.1 uS, 0.001 mS, 0.1 mS
  • Conductivity Accuracy±1% FS
  • Min TDS0.05 ppm to 500 ppt
  • Max TDS500 ppt
  • TDS Resolution0.01 , 0.1 ppm, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 ppt
  • Min Salinity0.02 ppm to 80 ppt
  • Max Salinity80.0 ppt
  • Salinity Resolution0.01 or 0.1 ppm; 0.001 or 0.01 ppt
  • Salinity Accuracy±1.0% FS
  • Min Resistivity2.0 Ohm
  • Max Resistivity20.0 MOhm
  • Resistivity Resolution0.001, 0.01, or 0.1 Ω; 0.1 kΩ; 0.001, 0.01, or 0.1 MΩ
  • Resistivity Accuracy±1% FS
  • Min Dissolved Oxygen0 to 50 ppm, 0 to 600% saturation
  • Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy±2%, or ±0.2 ppm
  • Min Temperature (° C)-10
  • Max Temperature (° C)45
  • Min Temperature (° F)14
  • Max Temperature (° F)113
  • Temperature compensationAutomatic or manual
  • InterfaceIrDA and RS-232C
  • Data Logging (points)500 data sets with GLP
  • WaterproofYes
  • Battery4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Width (cm)8.255
  • Height (cm)18.415
  • Width (in)3 1/4
  • Length (in)2 1/4
  • Height (in)7 1/4
  • Accessories IncludedMeter and probes
  • DescriptionWaterproof Multiparameter Meter and Probes
  • Warranty3 year
3 Year WarrantyConformite EuropeenneIP 67ISO9001:2000 Certified Supplier

Key Features

  • No more excuses for missing data! Out-of-date or unperformed calibrations are now things of the past!
  • Don’t waste time looking for those cables!
  • Use in dirty and wet environments
  • 3 year warranty

More About this Item

This top-of the-line waterproof meter offers features that are typically found on much more expensive models. The IP67-rated housing allows use in dirty and wet environments without harm to the meter. Datalog up to 500 points with time-and-date stamp. User-selectable “calibration due” alarms, automatic or manual standards recognition, and single or multiple calibration points provide flexibility in meeting your data quality objectives. Infrared (IrDA) wireless technology lets you easily download data — no need for additional cords. The large backlit LCD shows the measured value, measured units, temperature, time, battery life, and menu options.

The pH range is from –2.000 to 20.000 with accuracies up to ±0.002. The pH calibration capabilities include up to six calibration points, a user-settable “calibration due” alarm, and up to 15 buffer options with auto-buffer recognition of USA, NIST, DIN, and PWB standards.

Meter measures conductivity (up to 500 mS), TDS, salinity, or resistivity with either a 2-or 4-electrode conductivity cell. Linear or pure-water temperature compensation curve provides accurate data at all levels of conductivity. Also features set point alarms to indicate when concentrations are outside of programmed limits.

Meter determines oxygen saturation up to 600% and concentration up to 90 mg/L. The galvanic dissolved oxygen probe does not require any warm-up time so you can take readings immediately. Salinity correction is automatically compensated for after manual input of concentration. Barometric pressure is automatically compensated for by the included barometer.






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