NEW Tektronix® DPO/MSO2000 Series Oscilloscopes now available from Davis Instruments




Oscilloscopes with the power you need to debug signals quickly


Vernon Hills, Ill., November 18, 2008—Davis Instruments announced today the release of Tektronix DPO2000 and MSO2000 Mixed Signal Phosphor Oscilloscopes. Tektronix’s new, powerful oscilloscopes provide feature-rich tools for debugging mixed signal designs at an attractive price.

A first in its class, DPO2000 digital phosphor oscilloscopes provide 1 M record length on all channels, serial trigger and decode analysis options, and a variable low-pass filter that lets you see signal details to the oscilloscope’s full bandwidth all in a compact form factor. MSO2000 mixed signal oscilloscopes add 16 digital channels, enabling you to visualize analog and digital signals on a single instrument.

All models are equipped with innovative Wave Inspector® navigation and search controls for unprecedented efficiency in waveform analysis. Wave Inspector’s unique ability to zoom, pan, play, pause, and set marks makes navigation through long records easy, allowing you to debug faster than ever before.

See our complete selection of Tektronix oscilloscopes and function generators—in addition to our industry-leading test, measurement, control, and calibration instruments—inside the new Davis Instruments V74 Sourcebook. To request your free catalog, call 800-358-5525 or visit


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