Greener Business

A 'Greener' Business

Cole-Parmer is rolling out new plans daily to provide environmentally friendly solutions for our customers. We have taken many steps to upgrade our warehouse with new eco-friendly materials to reduce waste and conserve energy. Below are some of the improvements we have put in place to help reduce our carbon footprint:


  • Eco-friendly Shipping Materials— Biodegradable SUPER 8® loosefill packing peanuts made from all recycled materials—read more about our green packing peanuts (PDF)

  • Eco-friendly Packaging— 100% recycled packaging paper, plastic pallets and pallet runners, edge protectors, and more.

  • Recycling—All qualifying packaging materials shipped into our warehouse are reused or recycled

  • Reduced Energy Consumption—Cole-Parmer has installed high-efficiency fluorescent lighting throughout our warehouse


Check back to this page periodically to see our latest "green" developments.

Keep it growing! We encourage you to recycle and reuse the packing materials—cardboard, paper tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.—you receive in your shipment. Together, doing this simple activity, we can work to create a cleaner and safer planet.

Biodegradable Peanuts