Kinesis SureStop® Vials

No more damaged autosampler needles or sample loss

Introducing Kinesis SureStop Vials

Kinesis SureStop® 9mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials SureStop feature facilitates trouble-free autosampler operation and confidence in analytical results.

  • SureStop positioning and optimum vial geometry provides trouble-free autosampler operation
  • No more over tightening/deforming septa
  • Full confidence in results with no sample evaporation
  • Full range of caps and septa

Kinesis SureStop 9 mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials over-wind barrierKinesisSureStop 9 mm Short Thread Autosampler Vials have been designed with an over-wind barrier, preventing the cap/septa from being overtightened (see Figure 1). This ensures the septa is not deformed, minimising damage of autosampler needles and preventing sample evaporation due to poor vial-septa-cap sealing. The SureStop vials are fully compatible with all Kinesis Short Thread Caps and Septa, offering the full range of cleanliness and septa injection options. Kinesis SureStop Vials are available in clear, clear with label, and filling lines and amber with label and filling lines.

Optimum Vial-Septa-Cap Sealing – minimal analyte/solvent loss

Solvent loss (methanol) at 40°C for 24 hours was investigated, comparing the Kinesis SureStop Vial with two commercially available standard 9mm short thread vial products.

As shown in Figure 2, analyzing 50 vials from two commercially available sources, and comparing with the Kinesis SureStop Vial, shows loss of methanol that would potentially impact reported results. The Kinesis SureStop vial showed little or no solvent loss throughout the test period with either optimal or over tightening.

Kinesis SureStop Short Thread Vial Optimal Tightening Competitor Comparison

Ordering Information

The following table provides details of the Kinesis SureStop Vials and hort thread caps and septa.

Additional short thread caps and septa are available on request.