LaMotte BioPaddles Microbiological Test Kits

Identify and quantify microbes in water and soil, or on any surface
  • Unique design enhances colony morphology characterization
  • Versatile kit can test via liquid, surface or air
  • No need for inoculating loops, Bunsen burners or refrigeration
  • Simple incubation requirements
BioPaddles are flexible, dual-agar paddles with microbe-specific media enclosed in a sterile vial. Identify and quantify microbes in air, soil, water or any surface! Biopaddles do not require any other testing equipment— only a magnifier and a warm place (35°C); incubator optional.

The LaMotte BioPaddle Colony Identification App is available to compare unkown colonies to known colony examples for the various media types. App also contains information regarding organisms, microhabitats, techniques, and more. Follow the instructions included with your Biopaddle to access the free app on any smart device.
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Reagent Platform Test
Availability Pricing
LaMotte BioPaddles 5550 Nutrient Agar Microbiological Test Kit WW-99532-42 Mfr # 5550
Nutrient Bacteria, non-fastiduous
₹11,400.00INR / Each
LaMotte BioPaddles 5551 Sabouraud Dextrose Agar Microbiological Test Kit WW-99532-44 Mfr # 5551
Sabouraud Dextrose Fungi, yeasts and molds
₹11,400.00INR / Each
LaMotte BioPaddles 5552 Test Kit, Tryptic Soy (TSA)/Rose Bengal (RB) Agar WW-99532-46 Mfr # 5552
Tryptic soy (TSA)/Rose bengal (RB) Microorganisms (TSA) & yeasts and molds (RB)
₹11,400.00INR / Each
LaMotte BioPaddles 5553 Nutrient TTC/MacConkey Agar Microbiological Test Kit WW-99532-48 Mfr # 5553
Nutrient TTC/MacConkey Total coliform count (TCC) and non-lactose fermenting
₹11,400.00INR / Each
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