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Modified Atmospheric Packaging Extends Shelf Life – No Chemical Preservatives or Stabilizers Required

Modified Atmosphere Packaging – A fresh and wholesome presentation Protective atmosphere enables fresh and minimally processed packaged food products to maintain visual, textural and nutritional appeal. The controlled MAP environment enables food packaging to provide…

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Keeping Employees Healthy and Protecting Staff From an Influenza Outbreak

Pandemic Preparedness: Local Preparation for a Global Issue When flu season arrives, it’s important to keep employees healthy and protect the entire staff from an influenza outbreak. Over the past several months there has been…

Economy meter

Cole-Parmer Oakton Economy Meter featured on CBS’s CSI Miami

Cole-Parmer’s Oakton economy meter hit the big screen on CBS’s CSI Miami – Episode 24 “Dissolved,” which aired on May 11th. The show featured the Oakton® economy meter and a probe. The meter and probe were…

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