Maintaining silicone tubing supply levels during a constraint

The silicone situation By Eric Rentsch, Product Marketing Manager, Fluid Handling, Cole-Parmer Trouble sourcing silicone? You are not alone. Many consumers of silicone, from lab managers to OEMs, are finding it difficult to source high-purity silicone…

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Cole-Parmer in Research: Keeping skin fluidic

Cole-Parmer in Research: Keeping skin fluidic

Skin equivalent culture helps progress animal-free testing The use of animals for toxicological studies of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics has been a contentious point of debate for decades. As a result, the development of in vitro…

peristaltic pump

Increase Peristaltic Pump Safety By Using the Right Tubing

Correct tubing is critical for safe peristaltic pump use. Are you working with peristaltic pump systems? If you are operating a peristaltic pump, make sure the tubing matches the application and the pump. Too often…

barbed fittings

Get Quick and Easy Assembly with Barbed Fittings

Barbed Fittings Securely Connect Fluid Paths Your fluid handling system isn’t complete without fittings to connect tubing lines, equipment, and the container. If you want quick and easy assembly, then you may want to choose…

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