multichannel peristalotic pump

Learn more about multichannel peristaltic pumps

Multichannel pumping has many benefits It is sometimes important in research laboratories and production plants to move several fluid channels simultaneously. This can save considerable time and resources, while greatly improving process efficiency. Controlling multiple…

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Cole-Parmer in Research: Keeping skin fluidic

Cole-Parmer in Research: Keeping skin fluidic

Skin equivalent culture helps progress animal-free testing The use of animals for toxicological studies of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics has been a contentious point of debate for decades. As a result, the development of in vitro…

Gear pump

Learn More About Gear Pumps: Includes video overview

A gear pump is a type of metering pump Metering pumps can be considered a subset of positive displacement pumps. Both pumps discharge a known volume with every revolution or cycle. The discharge volume is…

cloud-enabled pumps

How fluid handling technology keeps drug innovation in motion

Read the entire article in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing With many pharma plants operating around the clock, the need to keep tabs on every part of operations is a never-ending endeavor. Remote monitoring has made this task much…

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