Are You Foiling A Closed System for HPLC Solvent Safety?

Covering containers with foil exposes you to chemical vapors.

Covering intubated solvent bottles and waste containers with films or foils may be your solution of choice, but this common method does not safeguard you from exposure to hazardous chemicals—some of which are known carcinogens.

This ineffective method allows chemical exhaust to be released directly into the laboratory environment through leaks, spills, and improper ventilation. When the fluid pathway is not properly contained, it poses health and safety risks, and—in more recent years— the danger of regulatory violation and liability concerns. So what is the solution? VapLock Closed Systems.

What is VapLock Closed Systems?

VapLock Closed Systems effectively safeguard both workers and the environment from exposure to hazardous vapors.

Closed HPLC Chromatography System Example

1A: Solvent reservoir fluid connection—a container cap with ports to fit tubing and provide leak-resistant connections.

1B: Solvent reservoir ventilation control—a one-way valve allowing air to enter the bottle
and prevent pump cavitation while minimizing reagent evaporation.

2A: Waste container fluid connection—a waste collection manifold or kit, designed to work with a wide range of common laboratory and industrial containers and securely connect various waste lines from the system.

2B: Waste container ventilation control—an exhaust filter, developed and tested specifically for HPLC organic solvents, to capture and scrub escaping fumes at the waste container.

VapLock Closed System

VapLock Closed System

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