Get Quick and Easy Assembly with Barbed Fittings

barbed fittings
Cole-Parmer barbed reducing y connector.

Barbed Fittings Securely Connect Fluid Paths

Your fluid handling system isn’t complete without fittings to connect tubing lines, equipment, and the container. If you want quick and easy assembly, then you may want to choose barbed fittings. Barbed tube fittings easily connect fluid paths without the use of tools. Slip your flexible tubing or hose onto the barb. The tubing relaxes behind the barb to produce a seal that will typically contain pressures up to 30 psi. When the fit is secure, you eliminate costly downtime in your processes. Barbed fittings work best with flexible tubing such as PharMed® or silicone.

Barb fittings are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations from straight connectors to threaded adapter elbows to branched tees.

Types of barbed fittings configurations:

  • Barbed to barbed includes crosses, elbows, plus, T connectors, reducing T connectors, straight connectors, reducing connectors, and Y connectors in various materials.
  • Barbed to threaded adaptors convert between threaded ports and flexible tubing
  • Antimicrobial-protected tube fittings are single barb fittings that offer protection for the fitting in applications where microorganism growth is likely. The fittings inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the fitting. The silver protection is not temperature sensitive and remains effective over time.
  • Barbed straight quick-disconnect couplers easily make and break tubing connections
  • Barbed-fitting kits are assorted fittings in a box with labeled compartments. Kits can help keep you organized and help you to easily locate the fittings you need.

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